Certification Program

Having your bot certified allows you to use some sweet perks.

What is the Certification Program?

Our goal is to make it easier for bot owners to have their bots found and users to find bots. Our certification program offers developers with bots of quality to promote their bots and users looking for quality bots faster.


Your bot must comply with these requirements to be eligible. We want to ensure only quality bots get into the program.

  1. The bot must have been listed on abstractlist.com for at least one week
  2. With uptime greater or equal to 95%
  3. A quality avatar
  4. Must not be a fork or clone of a bot
  5. A website or GitHub repository with thorough documentation
  6. A quality setup support server
  7. Organized and informative text body


Being certified you get these perks:

  1. Vanity link, (https://abstractlist.com/bot/vanity_link)
  2. A background image for the bot card
  3. Be listed on the certified section of the home page
  4. Access to our Certified Developer only channels
  5. Certified role for you and your bot