Did You Know?


Did You Know? command prefix: ?/customizable

A Discord bot that challenges the brain and provides facts.

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Created By:charlee#0012

"Did You Know?" is a nifty bot with a variety of functions. In addition to it's trivia-basis, it also offers a host of other fun games and quizzes. It also has a full blown economy system along with a global leaderboard in which you can compete with the best. Want to learn something new? Use our `?fact` command to generate all kinds of factoids. If you have any suggestions please shoot me message on Discord: charlee#0012



🎮 Games 🎮 8ball flip trivia typinggame wouldyourather math-quiz rps slots typing
📚 Facts 📚 catfact dogfact fact wiki-fact
📰 Info 📰 guild help invite patreon ping translate user
💰 Economy 💰 daily leaderboard profile shop
🥳 Fun 🥳 meme year zodiac
🛠️ Utility 🛠️ contact settings suggest stats