Doghouse command prefix: !!

Guess the breed of a generated dog picture! Learn dog breeds and gain money to pamper your very own virtual pet!

Bot Tags:

Know a lot about dog breeds or want to learn more?

Use this bot to generate a picture of a dog and then respond with the breed that is in the picture. If you are correct, you'll earn some money! If not, try again!

Commands List:

Guess command - the bot will send an image of a dog, then you need to respond in the same channel with the breed of dog that is displayed.
Profile command - check your statistics! How many have you gotten correct or incorrect? Also displays the percentage of times you've been right.
Balance command - each time you answer correctly, you earn some money. How much do you have?
Pay command - want to give a friend some cash? You can do that!
Adopt command - adopt a dog from the shelter! They have three to choose from, so come back later if they aren't the breed you want.
Shop command - purchase items to take care of your dog.
Inventory command - see what items you have already purchased from the shop.

Dog command - see your currently adopted dog and it's current needs.
Nickname command - change the nickname of your currently adopted dog.
Train command - train your dog to listen to your commands.
Sleep command - command your dog to sleep to regain energy.
Eat command - command your dog to eat so they can regain hunger.
Drink command - command your dog to drink so they can regain thirst.

Vet command - take your dog to the vet to regain their hunger, thirst, and energy if they will not listen to your commands.
Bet command - bet on the outcome of a dog race for a chance to get your money back plus more!
Prefix command - allows server admins to change the prefix of the server.
Documentation command - links you to the bot's github documentation
Stats command - shows the stats of the bot.

Delete command - allows you to delete all of your information from the bot and cause you to start over.

Vote for the bot to recieve a reward of some cash, so you can adopt your dog faster and buy items to take care of them!

The bot also keeps track of your lifetime earnings from correct guesses- but not money you've been given by other players.

Future Additions Include:

-check global or server leaderboards for lifetime earnings or correct guesses!
-get special perks and toys for your pet that you can't get from the normal shop when you vote for the bot.