TycoonMogul command prefix: TM (Customizable)

TycoonMogul is a Tycoon style bot taking inspiration from JobsBot & IdleRPG.

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About TycoonMogul

TycoonMogul is a Discord bot created with the help of friends. The premise is like a Tycoon game, such as AdVenture Capitalist: Create a Tycoon, earn money, and upgrade the Tycoon with that money. You can even create alliances with other Tycoon owners. Oh, and there's achievements! Still not convinced? TycoonMogul is a Discord Verified bot, so you can trust it with the minimal amount of data it collects! We are also working on certifying TycoonMogul on Discord Bot Lists as well, which will allow us to support vote rewards! TycoonMogul is on 8 bot lists, 7 websites, 5 certification programs, and has completed 1 certification! We are still improving TycoonMogul every day!

Voting & Other Neat Stuff!

Voting on any support bot list will give you $1,500 & 1,500xp; to find the full list simply run tmvote! On top of that, we have giveaways in our support server, and allow our users to test out beta features too!

Full documentation can be found here!